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The following names can be found upon the St. Stephen's war memorial to those that fell during World War One.  Where possible, these names have been cross-checked with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission database and details matched up to each name.  Errors, Omissions and Corrections welcome to this list.

BLIGH William John Private Devonshire Regiment 1st/5th Bn.

21 04 March 1919
69750 Cologne Southern Cemetary III. B. 13. Son of John and Annie Bligh, of Trehan, St. Stephens-by-Saltash, Cornwall
BOND Frederick

BOSANQUET Armytage Percy Captain Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 3rd bn. Wiltshire Regiment attd. 5th Bn. 23 25 January 1917 MC
Amara War Cemetary XVIII. E. 5. Born at Lowdham, Notts. Son of the Rev. Claude C. C. and Millicent P. Bosanquet, of The Vicarage, St. Stephens-by-Saltash, Cornwall.
BROCK William H Private Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 10th bn.

31 July 1916
25465 A.I.F. Burial Ground, Flers XV. C. 34.
CALLAGHAN Arthur F Private Essex Regiment 1st/5th Bn.

22 03 November 1918
56335 Alexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cem. A. 174. Son of John Henry and Mary E. Callaghan, of Burraton Cross, St. Stephen's, Saltash, Cornwall
CALLAGHAN Sidney Sergeant Devonshire Regiment 2nd bn.

14 April 1917
9378 Villers Hill Brit.Cem., Villers-Guislain VI. C. 29.
CHENERY William Henry Stoker 1st Class Royal Navy H.M.S. Indefatigable

24 31 May 1916
K/18005 Plymouth Naval Memorial 15. Son of William and Sarah Mary Chenery, of 23, Homer Park, St. Stephen's, Saltash, Cornwall.
CLAYDON William A Leading Seaman Royal Navy H.M.S. Goliath

39 13 May 1915
171700 Plymouth Naval Memorial 5. Son of William and Martha Claydon, of Glastonbury; husband of Maria Claydon, of Coombe Farm, St. Stephens-by-Saltash, Cornwall.
COLES John Rifleman London Regiment (First Surrey Rifles) 1st/21st Bn.

24 10 June 1917
652618 Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial Panel 54 Son of John and Margaret Coles, of 3, Tavy View, Burraton, Saltash, Cornwall.
COOK Edwin J

COOMBE William

CROOK Samuel

DAYMOND Samuel Arthur George Able Seaman Royal Navy H.M.S. Indefatigable

31 May 1916
J/16013 Plymouth Naval Memorial 11. Son of Alice Daymond, of 15, Russell Terrace, Cross Park, Saltash, Cornwall, and the late John Thomas Daymond.

DYER Herbert H

EDGCOMBE Walter Stoker 2nd Class Royal Navy H.M.S. Amphion

24 06 August 1914
K/21246 Plymouth Naval Memorial 3. Son of James and Jane Edgcombe, of St. Stephen's, Saltash; husband of Nellie Edgcombe, of 17, Alfred Rd., Ford, Devonport.
GORMAN Frederick

HARRIS William

HEATH Robert

HODDER Edgar James Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery Cornwall Brigade

15 September 1916
847 St. Stephen's Churchyard 1424.
HODDER William George Stoker 2nd Class Royal Navy H.M.S. Defence

19 31 May 1916
K/29048 Plymouth Naval Memorial 14. Son of John and Emma J. Hodder, of 3, King's Cottages, Burraton, Saltash, Cornwall.
HODGE Collings Horace Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery 211th Siege Bty.

22 25 June 1917
128261 Lijssenthoek Military Cemetary XV. D. 8A. Brother of Ida Hodge, of Antony Passage, St. Stephen's, Saltash, Cornwall.
HODGE Percy William Armourer's Mate Royal Navy H.M.S. Goliath

32 13 May 1915
346344 Plymouth Naval Memorial 7. Husband of Hilda Mary Hodge, of 130, Fore St., Saltash, Cornwall.
JANE Albert

KEEN Ernest S R

KITT James M

KITT Robert Francis Stoker 1st Class Royal Navy H.M.S. Indefatigable

20 31 May 1916
K/25413 Plymouth Naval Memorial 16. Son of Thomas and Lucretia Kitt, of Notter Cottage, Hatt, Cornwall.
KNIGHT William John Stoker 2nd Class Royal Navy H.M.S. Amphion

20 06 August 1914
K/21305 Plymouth Naval Memorial 3. Son of James A. and Elizabeth Knight, of Forder, St. Stephen's, Saltash.
MANNELL Ernest John Private Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 1st bn.

23 July 1916
16790 Thiepval Memorial Pier and Face 6 B.
MARKS Ernest George Leading Stoker Royal Navy H.M.S. Pheasant

25 01 March 1917
K/5640 Plymouth Naval Memorial 22. Husband of Clara Marks, of Trehan House, Trehan, St. Stephens, Saltash.
MOORSHEAD Cyril V G Private Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 12th bn. Labour Corps. transf. to (93887) 157th Coy. 31 28 March 1918
31959 St. Sever Cemetary Ext., Rouen P. VII. H. 7B. Son of Emma Moorshead, of 13, Brookdown Terrace, St. Stephen's, Saltash, Cornwall, and the late John Moorshead.
OUGH Edward F Leading Stoker Royal Navy H.M.S.Valkyrie

23 December 1917
K/5203 Landrake, St. Michael Churchyard On south side

RICKARD Arthur R C Private Devonshire Regiment 2nd bn.

27 September 1918
57010 La Targette Brit.Cem., Neuville-St. Vaast IV. C. 7.
TOULL William C Private Devonshire Regiment 1st bn.

20 16 March 1917
30527 Gorre British and Indian Cemetary VII. E. 2. Son of James Frederick and Sarah Ann Toull, of Staddon Cottage, Burraton Cross, Saltash, Cornwall.
WORDEN William Lewis Leading Seaman Royal Navy S.S. Ascanius

18 August 1917
209280 Plymouth Naval Memorial 21.

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